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Travel style

  • Our style of travel is designed so that you can get closer to different cultures and ways of life, safely and with affordable costs, including the most important thing: accommodation, transport, tickets and activities, also includes some meals, depending on destination.
  •  The accommodations will range from 3 to 5 stars hotels, in superior room, we rather local hotels than international chains, because it allows us to be immersed in culture from the beginning and because it contributes to the development of the local economy as well.
  • Our itineraries include World Heritage sites, nature reserves, temples, ceremonies, cooking classes, yoga sessions, dances and everything the destination has to offer: from rafting to ballooning.
  • We spend enough time in every place we visit to enjoy and to have a better comprehension, that is why we have a careful selection of places.
  • We take care to show respect for the culture of the destination, based on the fact that we are the ones who must adapt to the country and not to wait for millions of ancestral people and cultures to adapt to ours.

The organization

Organization is the key.

The destinations chosen requires from our best effort for organize and coordinate everything necessary well in advance.

We go to each place when the weather is ideal, which usually coincides with the high season at the destination. This means that specific early reservations are essential to guarantee the selected accommodations, flights and transportation to use. Once you are at your destination, you will understand the importance of our previous preparation.

The information we provide before the trip is also very important. Since we contacted, we provide specific information on the itinerary and each place we will visit, to which we add more information throughout the preparation of the trip, having the same makes a difference to better understand each place we go, enhancing enjoyment and discovery.