An opened heart is an opened mind


For Colores de India, traveling is about stripping away our attachments, realizing that there are many ways to live.

A trip gives you the opportunity to live different experiences, some of which will have a unique meaning for you, others will teach you to re-evaluate and put things into perspective.  

In short, a journey can teach you a lot if you open your heart, while learning about humility and tolerance. We definitely believe that travel makes us wiser people. 


We started this project from our experience traveling independently, walking a lot, sharing with local people, getting off the main routes to go to remote villages, taking local transportation, studying to exhaustion and months before each step to take. Our trips have been mostly to Asian countries, where such different cultures pose a challenge to our ways of thinking.  We realized that many of these countries are surrounded by ignorance and prejudices that do not do them any honor, for many people to reach them means overcoming fears and various challenges.

Sharing our trips in those places that have been our passion was the driving force to design authentic and accompanied trips, so you can live an experience similar to ours.

We believe in travelling as a bridge for communication, knowledge and understanding between cultures. 

Fortunately for many of the people who accompany us, it means not only the pleasure of a trip but also personal growth, forging close ties, full of shared moments and laughter. And the best thing is that the desire to continue discovering the wonderful world in which we live grows.

For Colores de India, each trip we take challenges us to continue imagining new routes to walk with the adventurous people who accompany us.

Group departures

Exclusively group departures, with our permanent accompaniment and in charge of the logistics of the trip. 

Ideal for people who do not have someone to make the trip with, although couples and friends also come, as these are trips where the main activities are carried out in groups but with personal time foreseen. 

Knowledge of destiny

We know every place we go. This is why we will be providing you with our knowledge before and during your arrival, minimizing the culture shock so that you can make the most of your time and result in a total immersion trip

Scheduled trips

Trips are scheduled well in advance and meetings are held in advance. Closing and registration dates must be respected. The strong organization assures us the success in the chosen destinations.