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About Colores de India

I am Cecilia and founder, along with Gretel, of Colores de India in 2015.

The story begins in 2011 when life gives me the opportunity to go to India to take a course related to my professional activity. By the time I returned, I knew that that country had captivated me and that I should return. So a short time later I see myself returning and this time with Gretel, whom India had been hanging around in his head a long time ago.

It goes without saying that from then on, India became a passion.

The logical next step was to continue to get to know more countries in Asia. Our trips had a strong planning that helped us a lot to overcome difficulties, always present for any independent traveler when it comes to such different cultures. We both had a pleasure to go deeper, to go into detail, to inform us a lot about each place and search for all the available information. All this involved a considerable investment of time and effort that made us value each trip as unique. Leaving conventional routes, sharing a lot with the people of each place was the essence of each destination and what it has taught us the most. We learned that in this close contact with people lies the difference between "going on a trip" or "living a journey".

By sharing our anecdotes we realized that many of these countries are surrounded by ignorance and that for many people reaching them means overcoming fears and various challenges.

At some point we felt that the correct way was to propose our routes to other people, sharing our passion and knowledge, so that they became protagonists, becoming part of the landscape and not looking at it through a window.

Thus, in 2015 we landed in India with our first group, people to whom we will always be grateful for having trusted us and giving us the opportunity to continue on this path. 

From there other groups followed one another and we also included new countries. For Colores de India it has been essential to offer what we knew, because it allowed us to personalize each trip and create unique routes, reaching destinations that are not so common.

 Life consists of cycles, while some open others close, realizing when each moment touches is wise. Thus, after these five years, it was time for Gretel to close and move forward with new plans.

Colores de India begins a new stage, opening its doors to new collaborators, with great enthusiasm for the trips to come and guided by the same spirit of adventure and its travel philosophy that started it.

Always grateful to all the people who have accompanied us, with whom we have been building bonds of friendship, they have taught us a lot and I hope that we have also paid them with pleasant memories for a lifetime.

I hope that you too will join us soon in one of our proposals. Namaste!


Group departures

Exclusively group departures, with our permanent accompaniment and in charge of the logistics of the trip. 

Ideal for people who do not have someone to make the trip with, although couples and friends also come, as these are trips where the main activities are carried out in groups but with personal time foreseen. 

Knowledge of destiny

We know every place we go. This is why we will be providing you with our knowledge before and during your arrival, minimizing the culture shock so that you can make the most of your time and result in a total immersion trip

Scheduled trips

Trips are scheduled well in advance and meetings are held in advance. Closing and registration dates must be respected. The strong organization assures us the success in the chosen destinations. 

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