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Miguel & Rosario Arriola

Last November we took a trip to Southeast Asia with my wife Rosario accompanied by Colores de India and a sensational group.We did it with fear for being an exotic place for us, but at the insistence of our daughters, (both had previously done it) we agreed to do it. The truth that was all of 10!: Destinations, hotels, guides, Transportation, punctuality, food. Approaching, seeing  with the natives, the magnificent organization, visiting places outside the traditional tourist circuits, to such an extent that we ended up teaching our daughters places that they had not even known existed.
I have nothing but words of thanks for Gretel and Cecilia.

Beautiful trip, an incredible destination, unparalleled beauty! A group of wonderful people, companionship and good vibes, highly recommended!

Alicia Milán

My experience with the trip to Morocco was highly gratifying, we visited wonderful places that are not listed in other tourist circuits.Close contact with the people of each place allowed us to learn more about the country's culture and history.I did not know anyone in the group, I only interacted with some in the previous meetings, however the coexistence during the trip was extraordinary. I really congratulate them on the selection of places and I congratulate myself for having made the decision to travel with Colores de India.

Karina Filippi

Thankful for having met your proposal! Everything lived in those days was fascinating, from the accompaniment in the previous preparation of all the documentation required to make the trip to the organization and coordination of all the activities, the punctuality and excellence of the contracted services (guides, food, selection of places to visit, practical advice in each destination and many more etc) exceeded my expectations.-The unbeatable location of the selected hotels, the means of transport (all varied, very suitable, with an adventure to discover from moment to moment) added to the experience and human quality of the company of Gretel and Cecilia made the adventures of each day they will leave us pleasantly surprised.
I would definitely choose them again to continue discovering new destinations.

Virginia Sala

All my thanks for this trip, excellent all the coordination, the choice of places, all really impressive. It was the best trip I have made so far, it had everything: adventure, mysticism, different cultures, I came in awe !!! ... I find it incredible what we lived. Oh, and the detail of my birthday's cake was the most !!

Patricia Filipponi

I had a marvelous trip to India with Colores de India. It worthed  every minute.!! In addition to must-see places, I enjoyed charming non-tourist towns and places, lots of cultural activity, great! They gave us a lot of explanation and we traveled with trust accompanied by Cecilia

Patricia Corsig

I have nothing but words of thanks for these wonderful trips. Gretel and Cecilia were in all the details from the first day and continued like this until the last day.

Traveling to India changes you, it is a journey to strengthen the soul, to cultivate values. The proposal of the tour and the accompaniment of the girls, great connoisseurs, is excellent

Cecilia Supparo

Fascinating to know India with Colors of India, you cannot miss it !!! They are fearless, explorers, and we were able to get to know deep India, something difficult if you are not accompanied by people who have experience and know each place well.

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