All you wanted to know
Before travelling

Who can travel?

Anyone willing to travel, knowing cultures and ways of life that are sometimes very foreign to ours. We go in small groups, with people alone, with friends, with couples, with families. Tolerant people, respectful of other customs and eager to make each trip the trip of a lifetime. It is necessary to have an open mind and a heart ready for tolerance, to accept smiles, pose for photos and more than an invitation to have a delicious tea.

Most of our groups are made up of women, but not only.

How many people make up the groups?

 We travel with a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 14, depending on the destination.

Is the room shared?

According to the preference of who travels. There are single people willing to share a room with another and people who prefer to have a single room as well. In the latter case it carries a supplement for the difference. 

We can never guarantee to get a room to share, so if you are interested, the sooner you confirm the easier it will be. If you want to travel on a double basis, you will integrate a list once you confirm your place. You must be willing to assume the cost of the supplement for a single room, in case you do not get someone to share.

We do not go to hostels, only to hotels or small typical accommodations, therefore the rooms to share are for two people.

What steps should I follow to travel?

 First of all you must write or call us to communicate your interest in making the trip. The next step is to confirm your place,  there will be different ways to do it, according to the country of residence where you are, within the period we have given for confirmation.

Why is it necessary to confirm so long before the trip?

It's not really that long before because we go to destinations with high demand. When it comes to travel to India, a country with more than a billion inhabitants, no forecast is too low. It has an internal tourism greater than the tourism that comes from abroad, and as we always go in high season everything fills up. In addition we need to comply with the requirements of a group.

Keep in mind that we are not intermediating with packages assembled by destination agencies, this implies making many pre-trip coordination according to our journey and, in order for everything to go according to plan, we need to have enough time.

It is very important that this is understood because it greatly facilitates the organization of a trip. As they are not usual destinations and are multi-day trips, surely you have the decision in mind at the time you contact us. But last-minute impulses are welcome, as long as you confirm us within the deadline.

What forms of payment are there?

 The trip is organized several months before going to the destination. So since the payment is in cash, you can pay it once we arrive at destination or send a transfer bank  if you live abroad.

Only a deposit of approximately 30% of the value of the trip is required to confirm the place and proceed with the reservations and purchase of internal flights.

Do you have a deadline to confirm the trip?

Yes, we fix a deadline for the reservation of place and it is necessary to respect it. This is because a minimum number of people is necessary to ensure departure. Once you decide, confirm !! The sooner we have formed the group, the sooner we can all proceed to purchase flights, since they tend to increase in price the closer the departure date is.

We also travel in the high season of each destination to be in the most favorable climate, so flights, trains and the type of accommodation we want tend to run out. This applies to India in particular, because hotels have few rooms with twin or separate beds, for those who share a room without knowing each other.

Are international flights included?

 No, international flights do not include the price of the trip. This is to give more freedom to those who want to travel, making it possible for them to join from anywhere in the world. 

If you decide to buy the flights on your own, you will always check the flights with us before making the purchase, so we make sure they are correct.

What do the trips include?

 All the most important things that you are going to need: accommodation with breakfast, walks, tickets to the places, private mini bus, internal flights, trains, local guides and our permanent support. Some trips include half board, depending on destination. Each Program specifies it.

When will I meet the people who make up the group?

 It will depend on your place of residence. In Uruguay, our country, we hold several informative meetings. 

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