Reasons to travel

Traveling has been a necessity for humanity forever. People traveled to conquer new lands, to get food, to exchange merchandise and for the pleasure of discovery.

Traveling grants knowledge and the great conquerors and travelers opened to us the doors to other worlds.

Today for most, traveling is equivalent to enjoying a well-deserved vacation, the result of the effort of years of work. The ways of traveling are as diverse as people. There are those who travel to a beach destination and do not move from the hotel with a swimming pool, for other people traveling means going out with a backpack with an uncertain direction, while others will go in a kind of marathon to so many places as possible with an organized tour.

Whichever style is chosen, traveling is a privilege, it is said brings benefits for the mind and emotional well-being.

At Colores de India we share the reasons why we travel.


  • Just thinking about a new destination, we love that to start planning in the maximum detail
  • When we set foot in a new place, a feeling of conquest comes to us
  • Time becomes relative, a month can seem like years
  • Uprooting ourselves gives us an immense sense of freedom
  • Because each trip teaches us a lot about sharing much in common  with people that we thought were different
  • Because after a trip we feel that we have recharged energy
  • Traveling has taught us about the kindness of people, about warm hearts and open smiles
  • Because we haVEso much fun
  • We like to take on the challenges that each trip brings
  • Because with every trip we see how a mental "label" drops
  • We can confirm Henry Miller's phrase: "Our destiny is never a place, but a new way of seeing things."

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